To make better you have to be the best you…

But whats the best you?

Why this blog? Motivation, keep me on the straight and narrow. Make sure this commitment lasts….

My wife thinks it’s because it became a competition; I don’t know. I like to think I did it for my son. It’s not that I favour him over my daughter but he is an active six year old. I am forty six. He didn’t choose to have an old Dad; and he certainly didn’t choose to have a fat old Dad.

In early January 2018 I paid a visit to my GP to have a chat about how it was going with the thyroid specialist he had referred me to and pick up the thyroxin I now needed as my blood results were now where they should be and I now in theory had a metabolism?

He himself expressed he needed to lose some weight and had done some research and found a product he believed was a good one and did I fancy jumping on board? I did and we planned to meet fortnightly; this cemented my pledge to him and so my experience began.

I started writing this blog in June; reflecting on notes I’d made. Looking at the internet browsing history, back at the health apps on my phone and primarily I think because I had achieved a lot and wanted to maintain where I had found myself but still wanted to improve. Maintaining a status quo was always the challenge; I understand that there are as many neurons in the gut as there is in a cat’s brain. These neurons need to be conditioned to accept a new body composition and as I understand it this is a two year exercise. After two years these neurons finally accept this state; so a flat line has to be produced for this period. So when I hit June my body weight was where I wanted it to be and my two year process started from now. I still had work to do; I wanted the belly wobble gone, eat real food and not bars and shakes. I found it hard to find the resources I needed. So I would produce it and this would keep me on the straight and narrow……. There had been some near misses. Four beers would mean a kilo on so I hoped this blog would focus me. Being out there mean’t there were people watching!

So here it is, my journey and hopefully some information to assist anyone trying to loose some weight and get fitter, be a better self.

Footnote: I honestly began writing from month 11 rather than really reproducing internet searches. Internet searches accompanied my thoughts and experiences only to further substantiate; to check I was not only full of shit. There were elements of my own writing in the previous months and what I was experiencing informed the content. I’m not sure this improves the content or not but it is more authentic.