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Zwift allows players to ride their bicycles on stationary trainers while navigating through virtual worlds. Players may cycle freely around the game world and join organised group rides, races or workouts with other users. Zwift uses ANT+ or Bluetooth Low Energy technologies to transmit data that, in combination with athlete weight and equipment choices, is used to convert the athlete's efforts as speed and power (watts). I based my set up on the following link:



Changed my apple watch out for a Garmin this month; can’t speak highly enough of them. I just ended out out lasting the Apple Watch in training duration; i.e. the Apple battery when flat after two hours of activity tracking. The Garmin gores for days and because its works on button presses rather than the screen tracking swimming is a whole lot more proficient. I went for the Garmin Fenix 5S because it was half price; the whole range you can find here: