April 2019

It dawned on me last month that no one is actually reading this (apart from my Mum which I am so happy about; it gives her an insight into her son that I wouldn't ever tell her about. Thanks Mum, I love you xx). This probably reflected in what I posted last month. There wasn’t a lot in it; but what I have come to realise that this is for me (and Mum) and that I do not want to be a hack. A hack as Steven Pressfield puts it in the best self-help book I have ever read says that a hack second guesses what an audience wants and then produces work that isn't true to the creator. The 'War of Art' speaks about breaking down resistance, my resistance are all those excuses I give myself that compromise my health, well-being and fitness.  I have broken down the resistance to the fitness; I get up at five every morning; leave the house by six and complete my work out without fail. I do not even like giving myself any day off. People tell me I should and I have begun to listen; Easter weekend occurred this month for instance and I only trained really on the Saturday; I did set the gym up in the garage on the Friday and turned the legs over on the bike trainer but the Sunday and Monday were family days. I had to reconcile this in my own head but my well-being improved  because I spent quality time with the wife and kids. What book ended the weekend was my best 6 kM run and 1750M swim, so there was no detrimental effect on my output. I still excuse myself when it comes to what I eat. Although I have kept to the plant based diet with a few eggs I still don’t eat as well as I want to. Easter has been a nightmare and I put on 4 kilo's. No excuses going forward this has go to come off. Fasting for the next week or so before I really look back into the diet. When it comes to well-being; whilst I am greatly improved I do need to work on this more. This includes how I interact with those around me. This is more work in progress and I'll see how this develops.

 What I needed to decide now was what the purpose of the blog was; because the purpose sustains. Motivation and Inspiration maybe fleeting but I really need this to ensure I keep on this path to be better. To stay on the journey and see where it leads. I want to complete An Iron Man and that will sustain me for the next three years but what will come after. I'm going to have to keep this blog going to keep exploring and keep me accountable. I read a Rich Roll Instagram post and he had obviously come to a similar point is his journey. He used a reference 'Ikigai' this is a Japanese concept that means 'a reason for being'. This is a bit heavy for me but there is a reference from the Bhagadvad Gita which is referenced a lot including by Steven Pressfield in 'The War of Art' and that is 'we have the right to do labour but not the fruits of that labour'.  So by my reckoning and my take away from this is that my reason for being should be the work I put into anything. I have always believed this; I remember being affronted when I was studying and someone would wish me luck. I was grinding, really applying myself; luck didn’t come into it. I did the work and the result would come. They did and I am very proud of this whole experience; the academic achievement (  is my single most accomplishment apart from being a Dad I am most proud of (First class Bachelor of Engineering degree and a Master of Science with Distinction). Why I then didn’t apply it to the rest of my life I have no idea. I should have had the purpose; I had a wife I loved wholly; I became a Dad but still ended up be an fat unfit prick which I can't ever remember wanting to be. So I am creating this as my territory; the territory absorbs your efforts and pays back with well-being. The cathartic reasons I begun this have re-emerged this month, they needed to. For the first time I am not signed-up to any event. No triathlon's, runs or swims so I am entering a time when discipline will be for disciplines sake.  A muse is a force that is the source of inspiration for creative people; I want to be a better me so this blog maybe my muse. The concept of putting all out there in this blog needs to inspire me, if it inspires me it may inspire someone else.  

At the beginning of the month I participated in my second triathlon; another sprint event. This is how it went:

1 hr 35 mins and 11 seconds; happy with that. Feels like progress; that's the time I completed the Coogee Triathlon on 7th April 2019. It is eight and half minutes quicker than my first one on Australia Day in January. Already set the next target at one and a half hours.

Untitled picture.png

To break it down a bit further the Swim time was not much quicker but I felt as though I had managed it much better. Also my buddy actually measured the length of the swim and reckoned that this swim was 200 M longer than Australia Day's. The ride I felt strong throughout and the run I finished stronger than I started. So in reflection all my training had paid dividends. How I will break down my target is as follows:

Swim - 20 mins

Ride - 40 mins

Run - 30 mins

Ninety minutes in total with the two transitions; the swim to run transition is the longest because you have to get from the water to your equipment station but if we give two minutes each for both then my performance needs to be something a kin to this:

Swim - 2 Mins 30 Secs/100m

Ride - 31 kMh

Run - 5 mins 45 sec/kM 

These will now be my training targets going into the winter; I will work towards performing at these performance benchmarks. These pace benchmarks would result in a sub six hour  half Iron man which I a very respectable time in my own mind.

My Month Training looked like this:

Week Five:

Swim: 103 mins, 3600 Metres, 41.4% of time

Bike: 63 mins, 30 kM, 25% of time

Run: 83 mins, 14 kM, 36.6% of time

Total training time was 4 hrs and 9 mins; this included the Coogee triathlon. I also completed 140 Mins of Sauna, trigger point and 5 a-side. So total training time was 6 hrs and 29 mins.

Week Six:

Swim: 42 mins, 1500 Metres, 12.6% of time

Bike: 226 mins, 99.61 kM, 673.9% of time

Run: 65 mins, 12 kM, 19.5% of time

Total training was 5 hrs 33 mins, I also did an additional 3 hours and 35 mins of weight and condition/HITT; for a total of 9 hrs and 8 mins. This week was on point with regards to the total time spent training.

Week Seven:

Swim: 81 mins, 1900 Metres, 31.9% of time

Bike: 77 mins, 75.22 kM, 30.3% of time

Run: 96 mins, 12 kM, 37.8% of time

Total training was 4 hrs 14 mins; I also did an additional 1 hours and 30 mins of weight and condition/HITT/Yoga & Sauna; for a total of 5 hrs and 44 mins. Easter played havoc with my scheduling, this was noticeable when I weighed myself at the end of the month.

Week Eight:

Swim:  43 mins, 1750 Metres, 15.4% of time

Bike: 177 mins, 83 kM, 63.2% of time

Run: 60 mins, 10.5 kM, 21.4% of time

Total training was 4 hrs 40 mins; the Easter/ANZAC bank holidays had an effect but I also did an additional 3 hours in Sauna, float tank and a yoga session; for a total of 7 hrs and 40 mins.

So month end looked the running total for the year looked like this:

Swim: 793 mins, 29.3% of time - target 20%

Bike: 1145 mins, 42.3% of time - Target 50%

Run: 768 mins, 28.4% of time - Target 30%

Total training time as 45 hours 6 minutes; average about 5 hours and 37 mins weekly of swimming riding and running. Time spent training average just over 7 hours, the bank holidays effected this but there was one week that was on point which set the bench mark.

I weighed myself after the two bank holiday breaks. I had spent quality time with the family but has eaten some shite, a lot of shite actually. Easter egg chocolate was gorged on; I had loved the time but had put on four kilo's. I've already lost two and am determined to lose more than the four I have put on. I need to; as I have said previously to run quicker I need to weigh less. This is my challenge for May. I've started with an intermittent fasting strategy. Meal replacement bars for breakfast (late) and lunch (as late as possible) then an evening meal. Still plant based but very little bread is the plan.