June 2019


Last month I mentioned that my wife and I had been married for 21 years; she’s been with me a long time. We’ve of course had our ups and downs, most recently when I bought her a burger from a burger joint when I should have known it should have been a chicken sandwich? But we’ll no doubt get over this as we have done over the last 25 years. Whilst we have been married 21 we’ve actually lived together for 25 this November. She has and will be the most consistent thing in my life; she is whom I am most accountable to. We have from day one had an understanding that we would be monogamous and have stayed true to this which I think is absolutely why we have stayed the journey. The thing about a long relationship that is that you can forget why you are with this person. We’ve got two kids which of course share much of our time together; but the times we are alone, together we are still mates. We enjoy each other’s company and things feel as fresh as ever. When I showed her last month's post she was a bit underwhelmed; think she thought I could of put a bit more substance behind it. So I hope this will suffice. I love her more with time even if I don’t show it at times.

 The next event I've entered is the city to surf half marathon at the end of August so the running will ramp up. I've also read to think beyond the usual bike-to-run brick and instead include some swim-to-bikes, swim-to-runs or reverse the order for something completely different.  So I have started to do some Run/Swim bricks to keep things changing.

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 My Month's training looked like this:

Week Fourteen:

Swim: 0 mins,

Bike:  160 mins, Zwift

Run: 134 mins, 24.2 kM

Total training time was 4 hrs and 54 mins. I also completed 160 Mins of Sauna and kettle bell training for a total time of 7 hrs and 36 mins.

Week fifteen:

Swim: 140 mins, 5250 Metres

Bike: 140 mins, Zwift

Run: 101 mins, 18 kM

Total training was 6 hrs 21 mins, I also did an additional 3 hours and 5 mins of sauna, aerobic and kettle bell training; for a total of 9 hrs and 26 mins.

Week Sixteen:

Swim: 118 mins, 4500 Metres

Bike: 40 mins, Zwift

Run: 135 mins, 23 kM

Total training was 4 hrs 53 mins; I also did an additional 2 hours and 25 mins of sauna and kettle bells for a total of 7 hrs and 18 mins. Easter played havoc with my scheduling, this was noticeable when I weighed myself at the end of the month.

Week Seventeen:

Swim:  77 mins, 3000 Metres

Bike: 121 mins, Zwift

Run: 174 mins, 30 kM

Total training was 6 hrs 12 mins; I also did an additional 2 hours and 30 mins of sauna for a total of 8 hrs and 42 mins. 

 So month end looked the running total for the year looked like this:

 Swim: 335 mins, 25% of time - target 20%

Bike: 461 mins, 34% of time - Target 50%

Run: 544 mins, 41% of time - Target 30%

The average training time is getting up over eight hours a week; I’m going to try and get to an hour of cardio a day plus the additional bits; some more weight training and conditioning.