March 2019 

This month has been a grind; I think it was the fact that the Rottnest Swim was something so far out of my comfort zone that I was absolutely driven to train for it. So once that was complete my motivation waned.

I do have a triathlon to compete in the first week of April  but this has been confirmed as a sprint distance rather than Olympic; so again whilst I'll want to improve on January’s event time I know I can complete it. So again I think the motivation wasn’t there.

That said I did; I spread my exercise activities as closely as I could to the limits I had set out in the previous month; i.e.:

Swim 20%

Ride 50%

Run 30%

This was the time I would spend doing each of these activities; the first week looked like this:

Swim: 75 mins, 2750 Metres, 20.6% of time

Ride: 220 mins, 108.1 kM, 60.5% of time

Run: 69 mins, 11 kM, 19.9% of time

Total training time was 6 hrs and 4 mins; My aim was to get this up above 8 hours but essentially I needed to run more and cycle less.

Week Two:

Swim: 89 mins, 3200 Metres, 33.0% of time

Ride: 138 mins, 108.1 kM, 51.1% of time

Run: 43 mins, 11 kM, 15.9% of time

Total training was 4 hrs 30 mins but I also did an additional 2 hours and 53 mins of weight and condition/HITT; for a total of 7 hrs and 5 mins.

Week Three:

Swim: 60 mins, 1900 Metres, 19.5% of time

Ride: 173 mins, 75.22 kM, 56.2% of time

Run: 75 mins, 12 kM, 24.3% of time

Total training was 5 hrs 8 mins but I also did an additional 3 hours and 15 mins of weight and condition/HITT/Yoga & Sauna; for a total of 8 hrs and 23 mins. My target training time for the week at this time.

Week Four:

Swim: 102 mins, 3650 Metres, 33.4% of time

Ride: 74 mins, 38 kM, 24.3% of time

Run: 129 mins, 18.89 kM, 42.3% of time

Total training was 5 hrs 5 mins but I also did an additional 1 hour in Sauna; for a total of 6 hrs and 5 mins.  I struggled to fit in any training at the weekend; was my birthday so I did have an excuse.

So month end looked like this:

Swim: 326 mins, 32.8% of time - target 20%

Ride: 605 mins, 40.1% of time - Target 50%

Run: 316 mins, 29.1% of time - Target 30%

Total training time as 27 hours 37 minutes; average about 7 hours a week. Need to fit in another hour of training a week.

So essentially to achieve the balance across all three disciplines I need to swim less and ride more; however the bike is my strongest so I'm not that unhappy with this end result.

I did two bricks in week 4; these I think I have really benefited from and something I have only just begun. A brick workout for triathlon training describes any time you do two sports back to back with no or very little time in between: running immediately after biking, or biking right after a swim.

I have always appreciated that brick workouts are important when training to complete triathlons.  What bricks have done for me is  to mentally give me confidence that come race day I can do it – how my legs, body and mind will feel as I transition from bike to run. I mentioned this previously  and this was a struggle in my first event.  Bricks also give you an opportunity to test the requirements of your fuel/hydration plan, this will be especially important for longer distances but I know that I can complete a 20kM ride and a 5kM run on 330 ml of water.

What the bricks also offered was the opportunity to freshen up my training and provide a new challenge when I needed it. We’ll see if there is a tangible benefit when I compete in my second Triathlon in early April.