May 2019


Have been with my Mrs. 25 years this May; still love her to bits and she’s still putting up with me and my mad schemes bless her……

Food as fuel; I've put on a few kilo's. Evidently I need structure in my diet to ensure I have a calorie deficit or even manage my calorie intake to maintain weight. I really want to get my weight down to 80 kg's and am currently tracking at around 89 kg's. The plant based diet, if I continue with needs to be structured better. I am eating between meals which is a bad habit of mine. I am exercising more than I ever have so I need to fuel this better than I am.

My intention was to go back on the Optifast bars for Breakfast and Lunch at work. Plant based meals at home. This lasted a week. So June is going to be back to meal preparation. Overnight oats for breakfast, bean stews for lunch, Plant based meal in the evening. Re-evaluate at the end of the month.  

The state of my diet effects my running the most; I'm not sure whether its mental or whether its physical. At the beginning of the month I was struggling to run at a sub six minute pace which is my running goal for the year. My swimming has also slowed since the Rottnest swim for some reason. My training has concentrated on running and swimming this past month and will be my focus through the winter months. The premise being you get better at  what you train and I have seen dividends as I ended the month with a sub six minute kilometre ten kilometre run and a 2100m swim in just over 50 minutes; both personnel bests.

My Month Training looked like this:

This was the time I would spend doing each of these activities; the first week looked like this:

Week Nine:

Swim: 160 mins, 5,200 Metres

Bike:  36 mins, Zwift

Run: 0 mins

Total training time was 3 hrs and 16 mins. I also completed 90 Mins of Sauna, 61 mins of conditioning and 5 a-side. So total training time was 6 hrs and 57 mins.

Week Ten:

Swim: 83 mins, 3150 Metres

Bike: 102 mins, Zwift

Run: 75 mins, 18 kM

Total training was 4 hrs 20 mins, I also did an additional 3 hours and 55 mins of sauna, weight and condition/HITT; for a total of 8 hrs and 15 mins.

Week Eleven:

Swim: 118 mins, 4500 Metres

Bike: 40 mins, Zwift

Run: 135 mins, 23 kM

Total training was 4 hrs 53 mins; I also did an additional 2 hours and 25 mins of sauna and kettle bells for a total of 7 hrs and 18 mins. Easter played havoc with my scheduling, this was noticeable when I weighed myself at the end of the month.

Week Twelve:

Swim:  128 mins, 4750 Metres

Bike: 0 mins,

Run: 87 mins, 15 kM

Total training was 3 hrs 35 mins; I also did an additional 2 hours and 10 mins of sauna and weights for a total of 5 hrs and 45 mins. The weekend was a boys event away in Adelaide watching the football so from a training perspective was a short week.

Week Thirteen:

Swim: 54 mins, 2100 Metres

Bike: 80 mins, Zwift

Run: 163 mins, 22 kM

Total training was 4 hrs 57 mins; I also did an additional 3 hours and 10 mins of sauna and kettle bells for a total of 8 hrs and 7 mins.

So month end looked the running total for the year looked like this:

Swim: 543 mins, 43% of time - target 20%

Bike: 258 mins, 20% of time - Target 50%

Run: 460 mins, 37% of time - Target 30%

This is about twenty hours on total; I want to see if I can hit 30 hours in the next month; this will be a good effort. With winter here the outdoor bike riding is scarce. These rack up the hours so to do this predominantly running/swimming is a tough ask. 

Total training time as 65 hours 38 minutes; average about 5 hours and 3 mins weekly of swimming riding and running. This has dropped back from last month and I would like to increase this. Time spent training averaged just over 7 and a quarter hours, which is a slight increase. I am mixing it up more, I've set up some kettle bells in the garage with the bike trainers and treadmill which is handy during the winter months.

I've put the bike on a trainer in the garage and hooked up Zwift, an app that has you riding in groups so the motivation to keep up or even pass other riders keeps the interest up. There more information about Zwift in the additional info tab.

I am coming to appreciate that you can train to be mindful. That being mindful is to be comfortable and to be comfortable you need to take time and be patient with everything. Patience is something I have never possessed, I am always in a hurry. In retrospect I am making progress, as my wife will contest I cannot put flat pack furniture together. I will end up having to cover up one cock up or another. However my most recent effort  I had bought some plat pack furniture, a desk, shelving and drawer units for my daughter. In an attempt to deliver her some quality, (I was reticent about the flat pack purchase. I had wanted to buy her preassembled furniture but we could not find anything she liked) I did not go at it like a bull in a china shop with power tools but instead took my time and used hand tools only. I must say it was the best result I have had to date. A small step forward to be fair to myself and the most patience I had shown probably ever! I think I am showing more patience with the kids which is my main goal. I can't remember shouting at them for a while. I've not had my daughter look at me with hurt in her eyes or my son tell me to go do one! How you bring up to different characters is beyond me. I am however struggling at work, how you keep things fresh there is a challenge. Especially when the market you work in is slow. Without the exercise and the physical improvement I am trying to make I would be going mad.  So the work I need to put in here again relates to patience. I need to be patient with those around me, I need to stop making assumptions. With patience thing may open up either opportunities within or externally. Getting frustrated will more than likely only ostracize me from these opportunities.

So June will be a month of more cardio and patience.