August 2018

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I am writing this on the aeroplane returning from the Gold Coast conference I have attended for the previous two years. I have an appreciation of the change that has occurred with regards to my consideration to my wellbeing; the time I would have previously spent in the bar I have spent running along the boardwalk. Rather than getting to bed in the early hours I returned to my room about at about ten and was asleep by eleven. Ate relatively sensibly, didn’t smash the chocolate in the mini bar because was pissed, ordered a salad for room service rather than a club sandwich. I simply didn’t fancy drinking heavily and eating shit. No one noticed I’d gone off early and most were envious the morning after. This is the best sign I have given myself that my mind is strong and the way of life I’m living is a better one. I actually got more out of the conference than I had previously. I decided to take copious notes; this kept me engaged motivated by my new mindset that you only get out what you put in was fruitful. I enjoyed the presentations more and was more appreciative of the presenters. My input when it came had more energy; all what I normally end up thinking is bollocks when I read the self-help, better you literature and information I read actually happened.

What was evident more than ever is that you need to surround yourself with people who act like you want to be or just surround yourself with yourself. Do the things that make you feel good and you actually present a more pleasant being. You have the energy to be more appreciative and even show more empathy to others. This is a vast improvement; I’m starting to begrudge people less which makes me happier. I think maybe that because I am happier with me I am more content and less likely to feel jealous of others. I have had issues with my ego but I think I’m starting to appreciate that, I have read much recently considering ego and how it can burn you up. My daughter has been calling me a hippy lately, perhaps she noticed before I did?  


City to Surf 12k - I cannot ever remember feeling so happy on completing anything; I’ve just run in my first event. The 2018 Perth City to Surf. 12 k’s, not an ultra-event by any means but it feels all triumph. This year has been a real shift, got my weight under control (currently tracking at about 86 kg’s), I have ridden 895 km’s, swam 20,850 m’s and ran 155 kM’s. I have never come close to this before and on Sunday this effort came together, and I ran 12k’s without stopping running 6 min kilometres. My wife and kids (and mother-in-law) were at the finish line and whilst I appreciate that there were no records broken this is without doubt one of the most self-satisfying things I’ve accomplished. As a kid I played half decent soccer but always hated running. Any running pre-season I would dodge, I doubt even then I could run this distance. To impress your wife of twenty years, to have your kids beaming up to you was amazing, I did not think I was able to do this at the beginning to the year, before I committed to be a better me. I am not there yet, I have work to do on my mindset but this has shown me what is possible. I’ve put together the following charts that plot my progress. There are some ups and downs but I am going to try out these logs to see if they assist motivating me; I have decided that in my fiftieth year I would like to complete a full iron man. We shall see:

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Mindset - The people I was with were brilliant and without doubt you feed off them, this is becoming the absolute underlying principal for me to just become better at whatever. Surround yourself with people you want to be like. This is hard, loyalty, compassion are all emotions you must negotiate. There is an element of selfishness in this as well as discipline, the path of least resistance is often just to accommodate situations and people. You can accommodate situations without accommodating people and vice versa. At home, at work the way you negotiate your interactions with people will change and the spin you put on it to reconcile this with yourself evolves and develops. You stop beating yourself up about not doing enough for people because you start to do more for others. The important people. You’ll find that people will want to talk to you about what’s going on and how you are losing weight, getting fitter. People start feeding from you, I have notice that friends, colleagues have all taken a keener interest in their own wellbeing. The people this affects the most are the ones your interactions grow more regular and your interactions have more meaning. This outweighs the people you are not engaging with as you once did. I have never been one to collect friendships, but the people I’m surrounding myself with now mean more. They have helped me and hopefully I’m capable of helping them more than I previously was.

My biggest help with regards to my fitness is becoming a good pal; he finished two and a half (maybe even three) minutes in front of me (he has completed a half iron man which gives me confidence). He was as happy as me about how I’d done. He has shared this journey with me and I hope he continues too. His positivity and kindness I will always be grateful for. His qualities I learn from, his patience with my son is amazing, he can be overwhelming at times and as with most 6 year old’s. His filter can get skewed at times. When he communicates with my mate it always at the same level, my mate shows patience beyond my ability but by watching him he is teaching me and I do not think he even realises it. He is like this with everyone and is a quality I admire so much. Never known him to bitch about anyone, gossip about anyone. Just doesn’t waste any energy on this sort of thing at all. He is my definition of mindful; let me spell out what this means to me.

Mindfulness is about being a drippy hippy, although my daughter has started to call me a hippy. It is about being honest and true. Level headed which bring a kindness and patience. Calm, cool and strong. Considerate without being charitable. All this rolls up to being a real persons, no fake. It all starts with being honest with yourself. When I struggle with a concept I like to find an illustration that succinctly show me the definition I am looking for. The best one I've found I have put in the additional info app.

My KPI’s for August:

Weight: Start: 87 kg’s – End 87 kg’s

Run: 11.7 kM @ 6.0 min/kM

Ride: 50.7 kM @ 24 kM/h (Being off the Bike had told)

Swim: 1,000 M @ 2.56/100M (breaststroke!)

Note: My KPI’s are about what motivates me at a given time. They change and will continue to do so. There are as many or few as I decide but are markers of achievement. When they start to go a way I do not like I hope I can be honest enough to reset them and be accountable in meeting them again. Let’s see!


My diet was:

Monday to Friday

Breakfast – Low Carb Banana Bread

Lunch – Low Carb Seeded Rusks

Dinner – Low Carb Meal

Saturday & Sunday

Breakfast – Low Carb Meal

Lunch – Low Carb Meal

Dinner – Low Carb Meal

Alcohol limited to one or two glasses of red wine with the family meals. No more than three glasses in any two days; Black coffee only; Green or Peppermint Tea. Started to allowing myself an occasional; cup of coffee with real milk (These are called flat whites in Australia).

August 2018 Exercise.png

My Exercise Routine:

My exercise calendar is posted above; more short runs and swims for the month; stepping up the preparation for the City to Surf.

I continued to monitor my monthly active calorie burn; in this case 34,037, a considerable decrease from the previous month.