September 2018

I have referenced the Joe Rogan podcast many times. In August he had a guest. John Joseph; lead singer in the punk rock band the Cro-Mags and an Ironman competitor. His story is an amazing one and is a constant inspiration to me. It helps that I like the punk rock culture, it helps that I too want to complete an Ironman. He leads a plant based life and he lays out facts. He has compassion for animals but he doesn’t lead with this like many vegans. In fact he does not like to call himself a vegan, his plant based diet was bought about when he began a path of Bhikti Yoga.


The way he presented the benefits of a Plant based diet was and is incredible, and makes perfect sense. There is even an acceptance that there will be a period of transition and I think this is why mine might start. Just after appearing on the Joe Rogan podcast he appeared on the Rich Roll podcasts who also has a story of turning his life around. Rich Roll is an Ultra Athlete, swimming, cycle and running incredible distances, again all on a plant based diet. His autobiography Running Ultra and John Josephs; The Evolution of a Cro-Magnon where downloaded from audible and acted as my inflight entertainment and running companion when visiting the UK.

We Visited UK in September to attend my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary; an event we wouldn't have missed. My parents relationship has been a major factor in the respectfulness I have for my own marriage. No doubt they have had their ups and down but today I can still say the love each other and are mates and I am very proud of that. For the first time this year I was not wholly in charge of my diet; when visiting family your cooking is done for you most of the time and my mum likes to look after her guests. She was however very understand of what I was doing and said she was proud of what I was achieving. Which is lovely.

So this what I did; I went to the supermarket and I bought breakfast; found some organics rolled oat muesli and had this with full fat Greek yoghurt. A relatively low carb breakfast, I would also at the eggs and bacon that was sometimes cooked when we ate as a family.

Lunch if not out would be a salad, with a protein. Then at dinner I would eat the protein that had been prepared with greens, cauliflower cheese would also be prepared often, thanks Mum.

I would take a drink with my Dad, a couple of pints after golf, glass of wine with a meal but not to any excess.   

What was good is that a I ran at least two or three times a week and swam two or three times a week. I returned the same weight as I left and I felt good. My lengths of my runs were up to twelve kilometres pace varied between six minute twenty four and six minute thirty seven kilometres and my swims were up to fifteen hundred and fifty metres at two minutes twenty seven to two minute forty three seconds per one hundred metres.

One of the most profound things for me was that my sister more than once had told me I was happier than she could ever remember me being. And I was; I felt good, both in mind and appearance and we had the best holiday. Could not be faulted, we did experience the best three weeks of weather I had ever experienced in the UK, having lived there for the first thirty eight years of my life this was incredible. I ran around Disneyland for three days with my kids and loved it!

An event that also occurred while I was in the UK was me signing up for the Australia day triathlon. This was it, the no turning back point. A seven fifty metre swim, a twenty kilometre rides and a five kilometre run.

My KPI’s for September:

Weight: Start: 87 kg’s – End 87 kg’s

Run: 10.0 kM @ 6.24 mins/kM

Ride: 49.7 kM @ 25.6 kM/h

Swim: 1450 M @ 2.27mins/100m

Note: My KPI’s are about what motivates me at a given time. They change and will continue to do so. There are as many or few as I decide but are markers of achievement. When they start to go a way I do not like I hope I can be honest enough to reset them and be accountable in meeting them again. Let’s see!


My diet was:

Monday to Friday

Breakfast – Low Carb Banana Bread

Lunch – Low Carb Seeded Rusks

Dinner – Low Carb Meal

Saturday & Sunday

Breakfast – Low Carb Meal

Lunch – Low Carb Meal

Dinner – Low Carb Meal

Alcohol limited to one or two glasses of red wine with the family meals. No more than three glasses in any two days; Black coffee only; Green or Peppermint Tea. Started to allowing myself an occasional; cup of coffee with real milk (These are called flat whites in Australia).

September Exercise 2018.png

My Exercise Routine:

My exercise calendar is posted above; longer runs and swims in the latter part of the month at the time of our visit to the UK.

I continued to monitor my monthly active calorie burn; in this case 36,933, an increase of over 2,500 calories from the previous month.