April 2018

April saw me very nearly reach my goal weight. I a little under three months I had lost 28 kg's, I had lost 33 kg's from when I was weighed when I first visited the thyroid specialist and I reckon at least 45 kg's from my heaviest since being a Dad.


To put this into perspective this is four and a half stone. Seven stone from my estimated heaviest; my wife and I were about to celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary and I was weighing a little over a stone more than when we met and I remember feeling as fit as I have ever been.

Whilst my diet remained the same Monday to Friday I had continued to eat low carb meals over the weekend. I hadn't yet considered the nutrition I needed to train seriously but that would come.

At a still relatively regular visit to my GP he had suggested supplementing with some Iron; so I started to look into supplements; supplements ordinarily replace a good diet but I was still largely on the bars and shakes so this month my research centred on good supplementation. My findings are in the additional  info tab.

During April I began Swimming in earnest appreciating that if I was to compete in Triathlons this was as important as the running and the bike riding. There's some advice in the additional info tab regarding swimming. 

I have spent the year listening to the Joe Rogan podcast; it is my go to media thing. It has led me to many ideas and resources which I'll introduce as they appear. One of the businesses he promotes at the beginning of his podcast is Onnit. The Onnit Academy is a go to place on their website for resources relating to exercise, diet and the philosophy of living well. As I have said I had a desire to  transition from the Optifast product to a whole food diet. Joe Rogan promoted the Onnit Protein Bars; they appeared to be based on whole food products so I ordered some. These bars were fantastic and demonstrated to me that there were convenience foods that met this whole food ethos. Unfortunately because he kept promoting these bars and they sold out before the next month's order could be despatch and then a further order failed to turn up, this is not the fault of Onnit more likely Australia customs and exiles. I have never received any notice from them. I'd like to think a health thinking officer is chowing down on them thinking they were a delicious as I did.  We all need convenience to assist with healthy living, I'll need to find alternatives and will continue to reference them as I find them.

My KPI’s for April:

Weight: Start: 94.4 kg’s – End 88 kg’s

Run: 5.4 kM in about 35 mins without stopping

Ride: 63.6 kM; AVG Speed 26.9 kM/h

Swim: 1,425 M; 3:22/100 M

Note: My KPI’s are about what motivates me at a given time. They change and will continue to do so. There are as many or few as I decide but are markers of achievement. When they start to go a way I do not like I hope I can be honest enough to reset them and be accountable in meeting them again. Let’s see!


My diet was:

Monday to Friday

Breakfast – Optifast Shake (Vanilla)

Lunch – Optifast Bar (Chocolate)

Dinner – Mushrooms, Bok Choi, Asparagus & Broccolini (or any combination) stir fried in coconut oil with any Optifast soup added to make an Asian style broth. Seasoning and herbs added.

Saturday & Sunday

On the weekend I ate with the family; protein and salad/vegetables from January’s ‘eat’ list. When socialising generally I kept alcohol consumption to a couple of glasses of Wine; stuck with protein (Meat or Fish) and greens. (Electing to be the nominated driver keeps you on the straight and narrow.)

Alcohol limited to one or two glasses of red wine with the family meals. No more than three glasses in any two days; Black coffee only; Green or Peppermint Tea. Started to allowing myself an occasional; cup of coffee with real milk (These are called flat whites in Australia).

April 2018 Exercise.png

My exercise routine:

My exercise calendar is posted above; as you can see there is a transition from the gym to the road and water.

I’d started to monitor my monthly active calorie burn; in this case 40,431 an increase of 5,577 calories from the previous month.